GT-R Service near Chicago

"Respect is the ultimate currency." Movie fans will recognize that quote from Spike Lee’s 2006 crime drama Inside Man. Nissan GT-R owners will recognize that as a life principle. That’s why GT-R service requires a maintenance center worthy of your respect.

Continental Nissan has spent decades earning the respect of Chicago-area GT-R drivers. As a certified GT-R service dealership, Continental Nissan houses two certified GT-R technicians and a garage full of GT-R specific diagnostic, alignment, and lift equipment. Simply put, Continental Nissan offers the most authoritative GT-R service near Chicago — all from people with a healthy respect for your car, your investment, and your time.

GT-R Performance Optimization Service

In addition to any track or routine maintenance, Nissan recommends unique GT-R performance inspections after 1,000 miles and every 12 months of ownership.

Out of respect for the investment you’ve made in Nissan supercar performance, Continental Nissan offers this performance optimization service free-of-charge. The complementary maintenance includes a wheel alignment, engine air flow balance, and any transmission setting adjustments that may be required. Preserving the integrity of your Nissan’s drive train ensures peak performance for the GT-R. Out of respect for your time, loaner vehicles are also available for complimentary performance optimizations and any other GT-R service near Chicago performed by Continental Nissan.

Comprehensive GT-R Care

The respect Continental’s certified GT-R service technicians have for your car would be one-sided if it merely remained under the hood. Accordingly, Continental Nissan’s approach to GT-R service extends well beyond the supercar’s engine bay. A full range of GT-R maintenance offerings establish Continental as a complete and comprehensive source for GT-R service near Chicago. Detailing services care for your car’s aesthetics as the GT-R is washed, waxed, and polished back to factory beauty. Nitrogen tire treatments also reduce engine wear by maintaining consistent air pressure for the life of your tires.

The genuine source for trusted GT-R service near Chicago has been and will continue to be Continental Nissan. To schedule certified GT-R service, contact Continental Nissan for the respect you and your vehicle deserve.