Nissan Tire Assurance Program

The exact definition of a word is often a much more thoughtful expression than anything the average person would suggest. Since dictionary editors are paid to be clear and concise, this should come as a surprise to no one. Just because certain men and women get their checks from publishers like Webster and Oxford, however, does not make the meanings they print any less interesting.

While the semantic content of a term like Nissan Tire Assurance Program seems rather straightforward, one word included in the term is particularly compelling. Oxford defines “assurance” as a positive declaration intended to bestow confidence. When it comes to the Tire Assurance Program at Continental Nissan, confidence is the precise effect the certified service staff seeks to champion in the Chicago area. No matter where you find a good tire deal near Chicago, you can be confident that Continental Nissan will match the price, cent for cent.

Price-Match Tires in Chicago

The Nissan Tire Assurance program at Continental allows customers to take advantage of Chicagoland’s great tire prices in the safe haven of the dealership’s award winning service center. Due to the confidence that Continental Nissan has in its pricing—and the confidence we seek to bestow in our customers—the tire center at Continental will price-match any quote given for tires within a 25-mile radius of our Countryside storefront.

Customers in need of new Nissan tires are encouraged to bring in another location’s quote and Continental Nissan will match the competitor’s price within 30 days of issue. The quote simply needs to legibly display the date, price, and tire description—including brand, model, size, and load rating.

Low-Price Tires in Chicago

The Nissan Tire Assurance program at Continental Nissan gives local drivers the confidence that they’ll receive low-price tires in Chicago with the highest attention paid to quality and service. Not only does Continental Nissan ensure quality by applying the program to OEM and OEA tire components, but the Nissan-certified service team will also complete the installation of those tires is a manner consistent with factory standards.

To reclaim the confidence that you’re getting the best price for tires, ask a Continental Nissan associate about the Nissan Tire Assurance program today. The best-priced tires in the Chicago area await at Continental Nissan.